Ordering Information

The painting is done using your photographs, which need not be larger than 4X6", but they should be sharp and have good detail. Send as many photos as you feel are needed to capture the full range of the animal's color and detail, especially in the head area. All photos will be returned. Oil portraits usually take from 2 weeks for a 16X20" single subject to 4 weeks for a larger piece with a lot of background detail. Time required by the artist depends on backlog.

Click here for tips on taking photos of your pet.

The best angle for the cutout format is full face or 3/4 view. Animals with shorter fur work best, as wispy hair edges can not be well done in this format.

Pricing (Prices do not include framing)

Oil On Canvas
Prices depend on the size of the painting, the number of animals, the view of the animal ( head and shoulders, or full body ),and degree of background detail ( plain, scenic, or interior view ). I like to see the photos before a firm price is set, so that I can get a feel for the time I think the portrait will require. The better your photo, the easier my job will be!

Each order is priced individually after size is discussed and photos are received. Cutouts are done on 3/4 " duraply, which is a plywood base with laminated smooth surface on both sides (used by sign painters ) which eliminates wood grain. All edges are painted, and these need no frames! Several dogs have barked at the finished cutouts, high praise indeed!

Payment And Delivery

I ask for a nonrefundable deposit of 1/3 with the order agreement . Upon completion of the portrait, I will mail or email a photo for your approval. If changes are desired, another photo will be sent after agreed upon changes are made. Upon approval of the finished work, mail a check for the balance and shipping charges, and the painting will be shipped within 10 days to two weeks. (No credit cards are accepted.)


Each painting will be carefully packed and insured for the full value. Shipping charges are dependant on the size of the work and start at $25.00.