Tips On Taking Pet Photos
  • Try to get as close as possible. This can be difficult 
     because the animal wants to come to you, so you may need some help from an assistant to keep the animal in place.
  • Ideal lighting conditions are outside on a cloudy day, or in open shade. Avoid back lighting.
  • A three quarter view is ideal, and shows more of the body and tail than a head on view.
  • Take some close ups of the head to show detail and personality.
  • Get down on the same level as the animal, or place the animal on a picnic table to get it up to your level . Again, some assistance may be required here. If you want your pet portrayed on a certain rug, place the rug under the animal so that the angles will match.
  • Take a whole roll, in different lighting situations, some with flash, some without .Flash photos can destroy all the natural shadows, but can also give more accurate color. It would not be unusual to only get a few good shots on a roll, so don't be discouraged, you may have to try more that once to get the shot you want.
  • It is best not to shoot down from above the animal, as it can distort the view. There are always exceptions, as in the painting of the Akita and Retriever.